Video: Mesa Cosa – Creepy

Who knows what the fuck to make of Mesa Cosa? They’re a crazed, bloodthirsty bunch of cannibals who know how to cook up a tasty riff, and then plunge it into a coal mine, only releasing it when said riff resembles a child of the wilderness.

And they’ve got a new song! “Creepy” is exactly what it sounds like, a track made from speaking witchcraft into a 4-track, and the result is a splattered calling to join the cult of Mesa Cosa.

The video clip is a dramatic re-enactment of the Mesa Cosa cult doing role-call. Bathed in bruised lighting, the band yell, scream and plod with a terrifying succinctness, hurtling towards doom. Like a car crash, it’s impossible to look away from the derangement on display, with blindfolded saxophonists, panthosed audience members crying in delirium and enough upside down close-ups of teeth to give a dentist a hot sweat.

“Creepy” -it’s like hanging out with King Gizzard at the morgue, just as a zombie massacre begins. What I’m trying to say is, wherever Mesa Cosa are when they play this, you want to be there as well.

Mesa Cosa play Frankie’s Pizza next Thursday, 18th of September. FREE dawg.


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