New: Unity Floors + Chook Race – Cheap Split 7″

Ahhh, normcore, where would I be without you? Where bands who like to talk about girls and getting drunk, strung together with a few nice, jangly chords and a flannel, can be called geniuses. That’s the dream, right?

Anyway, two completely underrated bands have joined forces from alternate universes, like Han Solo meeting up with Indiana Jones, and released a split 7″. The result is a band from Sydney and a band from Melbourne creating the perfect soundtrack for living in this half-awesome, half-shit dole-bludging, VB-sculling, beard-indulging community we call the Australian suburbs.

Unity Floors’ contribution is typically legendary, with “Hold Music” talking about lime, coconuts, mixing shit up, and frantic and triumphant distortion. It’s the kind of thing you put on when you feel like shit, and are ready for them to get a bit better. Also, the abbreviation of ‘CBF’ is used pretty well. That’s gotta count for something.

Meanwhile, Chook Race put in a bit more of a subdued effort, arresting in their own way. It’s a little Twerps-y, with the jangle-levels hitting a solid 9 on the CVB-S (Camper Van Beethoven Scale, the official scale to rank a band’s jangle output. Look it up). It’s a happy, bouncy and addictive number, small in size but big in heart, and sure to worm its way into your vast iTunes selection. In fact, Chook Race have probably chucked a U2 and penetrated their way into your Library without your consent. #SorryNotSorry


Unity Floors & Chook Race will be launching their new 7″ at The Standard Bowl this Friday, with Community Radio tagging along for ultra-good-fun-times. It’s free, and there’s cheap-ish beer!


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