Gig Review: FISHING

Friday, 5th September @ Newtown Social Club

FISHING are a Sydney duo with a fucking impossible name to Google. Read it with me: Fucking. Impossible. However, they are one of the few, few bands that it is worth trekking through result page after result page, looking for their Soundcloud, which is basically the Ark of the Covenant (it will melt your Nazi face off).

They’ve been playing around Sydney for a long time, and a few months back, they dropped their debut record. If that seems like some sort of not that much of a big deal, especially for bands who manage to knock out a record in a weekend, it’s actually kinda flooring especially when you view their work as a single cohesive piece. FISHING are a group that create their music by grabbing influence from every single genre, and then cobble these together with a flair and intoxication that will make you an immediate fan.

It seems reasonable to believe that FISHING sold out their homecoming show at Newtown Social Club on their album tour. People were excited! There was a thrill, and a certain electricity in the air, a community of people all moving with the momentum of FISHING’s success. No one there was a trivial fan, who had nothing better to do on a Friday night. No, these fans were deeply embedded and moved by FISHING, and were keen as fuck to see some Doug v. Russell action.

Doug and Russell took to the stage amid swirling lights that would be enough to bring on an acid flashback, as well as so much smoke that a first-time director of a “gritty” version of Macbeth would say, “Woah, guys, slow down. I’m suffocating here”. They were also one hand down, with Russell’s arm broken, and so they were joined by Alister Wright of Cloud Control, a guest on the album, who joined the duo in prodding buttons and dancing. Ironically, Alister also had a broken arm. If you’re in need of practicality, you really can’t go past FISHING.

But practicality isn’t really the point of FISHING, especially when they’re in their total creative element. The mixture of audio and visual, moulded into something that was some of the most engaging electronic experience (YAY, ALLITERATION) I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending to. The three on stage remained dynamic and happy as anything, their enjoyment laying completely unmasked. They could fuck-up, have to count in intro’s, whatever, but the crowd, instead of judging them, bolstered them, and the flow of good vibes was more obvious than if Godzilla tried to take a shit in the room.

They blared through a set that didn’t seem to last long enough, though it went for nearly an hour. Dancing and swaying to tracks off the record like “Choy Lin”, “Your Mouth”, and “Chi Glow”, with their deep, soul penetrating technical goodness, made time pass like we were on Mercury (it’s science, look it up). And in the live setting, where skulls and 3D models of naked bodies flipped across a glittering projector, tracks that could feel a bit flat on record like “Nineteen/Boy Wunder” and “Nova Current”, took on a new, re-invegorating energy. Things moved into a case of anything being possible, and a good time become an automatic by-product of being in FISHING’s presence.

When you left the gig, there was nothing but positive energy buzzing in the atmosphere. Not to get too SPIRITUAL NUT on everyone here, but it was a moment of karma going full circle. These two guys have worked hard, putting out mixtape after mixtape, single after single, of damn enjoyable brilliance, and it paid off with a show of most excellent proportions.


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