Video: J Mascis – Every Morning

How great is this???? Not just the song, which switches up between having J Mascis doing a Bob Dylan impression better than Bob Dylan himself, and an unusually restrained but nonetheless skull-fuckingly good guitar solo. This song has lulled me to sleep every night since its release, and I plan on continuing listening to it every night until my hair is as silver as Mascis’.

But it doesn’t stop there, as there’s a goddamn hilarious music video (sidenote: no one really does good and funny music videos anymore???). Anyway, Mascis is a cult leader, which doesn’t stray to far away from his job in real life as frontman for Dinosaur Jr, only instead of 40 year old guys still wanting to be rock stars, it’s a bunch of flower children holding hands and swaying. Then, Portlandia legend Fred Armisen rocks up and introduces the modern conveniences of…the calculator! Uh oh! Controversy! Awesome song, even greater video.


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