Video: Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders – Come On Back This Way (feat Sharon Van Etten)

Songs are a lot like farts. There are those that just kind of pop out, but no one notices them, and they can really only be described as annoying. Then there are bangerz; loud and abrupt, these things draw a lot of attention, and might even cause a bit of an uproar. And then there are the ones that draw themselves out, erupting with grandiose majesty. They linger in the air, and you can taste them on your tongue. They’re unique, and you remember them for years, constantly recalling the first time you smelt that fart that changed your life.

The new Jack Ladder track falls into the last category, immediately sending shivers down your spine as the track rings out with a sincere beauty. “Come On Back This Way” swells with lust and sincerity, and you can’t help but be pulled into it. It’s a whirlpool of excellence, powered by a tiny synth motor that dances next to Ladder’s vocals like a neon ballerina who’s just shelved a pill.

It’s kind of to be expected that Jack Ladder has released this great a song. After all, his backing band, The Dreamlanders, is compiled from Laurence Pike (PVT), Donny Benet (!) and Kirin J Callinan (!), Kim Moyes from The Presets produced the record AND old mate Sharon Van Etten drops some seriously sultry backing vocals. But really, the focus will always be on Ladder, who’s baritone absolutely nails the feels in this emotional cesspool of awesome. In the immortal words of Paul Hogan, “That’s not a breakup song. THIS is a breakup song!”.


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