New Australian Music: Tempura Nights + White Lodge + Birds With Thumbs + Melon Melon Melon

There’s been a shit-tonne of new Australian music that needs to be covered. Well worth checking out these artists, all hailing from our loins of the earth, ‘Straya.

Tempura Nights – Brainroof

Isn’t the skull more the roof? I don’t know, I’m not a surgeon, but I do recognise that Tempura Nights are fucking sick. Created from a bunch of sick Brisbane bands like Go-Violets and Major Leagues, “Brainroof” opens up like a lost Kim Gordon track, incredibly slick vocals raining down on a morbid guitar sheen. It then devolves into shuddering 90’s guitar pop, both sparkly and dark at the exact same time. “Brainroof” takes what makes both Go-Violets and Major Leagues so pleasent to listen to, and then chucks it into an alternate universe in which the Deal sisters grew up in Brisbane and are miserable. So, basically the average Northern childhood. ZING! BOOM! SYDNEY ROOLZ!

White Lodge -Technicolor Visions EP

Straight off the bat, “Laguna Negra” establishes that White Lodge have been listening to a bit of The Cramps early shit since their last 7″ was released in September last year. It’s a riveting ramshackle ball of saliva that goes on snowballing at a sickeningly giddy pace. The rest of White Lodge’s new EP resounds with a similar sort of black magic, reaching the heights of voodoo exuberance. Listening to songs like “Sands of Graveyard Atoli” and “Switchblade Blues” sounds like you’ve stumbled upon a cult that only listens to The Black Lips and The Growl, and eats their meals from the members of bands who’ve lost their potency. This EP is repulsively awesome.

Birds With Thumbs -Ran

As long as there have been teenagers, there have been snotty teenage bands making rock and roll music. Birds With Thumbs join the long line of bands of mates who know a few chords, love guitar solos and giving the finger. Their new single “Ran” highlights a band that could very easily rise to the top of their pool. They’ve got the same kind of immediate rock catchiness that bands like Chicks Who Love Guns and Horror My Friend have, and they even have the potential to huck a logie in the direction of success sludged out by British India and Children Collide.

Melon Melon Melon – EP

It’s weird to think there’s a band out there with almost nothing to be known about them, and they already have killer tunes like these. Although they’re scrappier than a three-legged Terrier that’s grown up on a dog-fighting circuit, and have a name which turns even the most cunning linguist into a tongue-tied dipshit, Melon Melon Melon’s songs are bloody brilliant. They hold that same suburban cowboy aesthetic as Lower Plenty, Chook Race, and Fully Ugly, dustbowl guitars rebound against awkward 20-something musings. Songs like “Chemist” and “Domestos” are perfect lo-fi jams that could soundtracked any Terry Zwigoff/Zach Braff movie ever.


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