Premiere! The S-Bends – Bottle-O-Farrell

Political dissent in a can! Who couldn’t get around that!? Nah, but this single from The S-Bends is probably the greatest quiet moment that Sydney has had in fucking forever. This band is actually the shit, especially if they can keep pumping out gorgeous songs like this. Not quite jangle-pop, “Bottle-O-Farrell” has a sighing bravado to it, complaining about these fucking bottle shop closures and smashing bottles, paired with shaky camera footage of the youth just being the youth.

It’s like we’re watching the first singles from The Ocean Party, or Lower Plenty, being released just before us, only this time, it’s from a bunch of Sydney legends. The fact that we’ll soon have a local contender who can do battle, if not succeed the crown of having the most beautiful misery song in Australia, well it just makes my heart warm, and this time, it’s not an oncoming heart-attack.

The S-Bends are playing THIS THURSDAY at Valve Bar with Claire & the Cops and Wash, who both fucking rule.


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