New: The Reprobettes – The Reprobettes

Australia doesn’t exactly have a shitload of all-girl groups kickin’ ass, which is why the fact The Reprobettes exist is such a breath of fresh air. Packed with dangerously hot surf licks and a bass that’ll kick you in your genitals if you look at it the wrong way, The Reprobettes could not be more fine.

Listening to this record recalls that amazing and definitely underrated Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Death Proof’, specifically Part Two, when the movie switches focus to a bunch of babes who love cars. At the end, the crew, which includes Rosario Dawson, beat the ever living shit out of Kurt Russell. I feel like if those girls moved to Melbourne after the credits rolled, and decided to pick up some instruments, they’d morph right into The Reprobettes. Both groups have that proud stance, relaxed but sharp poise and infectious attitude.

Oh, and they’re both stuck in the wrong decade. If The Reprobettes were born in the 60’s, they could’ve been Australia’s answer to The Shangri-La’s. As it were, it looks like The Reprobettes are going to be battling it out with The Fabergettes for who gets to soundtrack Grease 3: T-Birds in Oz!


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