New: Bored Nothing – Ice-Cream Dreams

Before I get into how bloody great this new material from the fantastic Bored Nothing (aka Fergus Miller) is, can we all just marvel at how much the dude looks like a young J Mascis? That same withdrawn but self-confident stare, awkward pose, and luscious mane, only a chestnut brown instead of silver?

There’s a theory that dogs and their owners who look alike have the same personalities, and I feel like that can apply to Melbourne bedroom muso’s and their doppelgangers. “Ice-Cream Dreams” is like a young Australian version of something that could be coming off J Mascis’ upcoming solo record. There’s soft clacking percussion, intimate guitar and a voice that sincerely washes over you, seething into your soul like his words are being squeezed out of a sponge.

I’m not going to finish the review by saying some cliche bullshit like ‘And man, can Bored Nothing prove they’re as sweet as their song titles’, but seriously, this song is noice.


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