New: Black Zeros – Ride

On this unassuming Sunday, with the rain pattering down and exams looming, Sydney favourites Black Zeros have released a fantastic, if not wildly different, new tune. With their previous EP covering a more bone-rattling lo-fi punk attitude a la Step – Panther and Bleeding Knees Club, this new one ‘Ride’ is like taking a heroin-addled car trip down Sunset Boulevard. Shaky, reverb-drenched beach vibes drain the track, only to seethe back into action with stunning vocals.

Although only cruising in at 2 and a half minutes, ‘Ride’ is sure to be the cruisy opener to Black Zeros’ upcoming sets, preparing the audience for awesomeness in much the same way Palms open with “In the Morning”. Calm before the storm etc. etc.

Black Zeros have some gigs coming up! This Friday, 22nd of August at the Roller Den, supporting Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun, and September 4th at the Sly Fox.


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