Playlist: Skydreams

Here is an indisputable fact: FBi Radio is the best thing to have ever happened to Sydney music. Ever. Forget You Am I, or RIP Society, or The Red Rattler. Sure, those are all amazing things that have happened and forever shifted Sydney’s music in a positive, inspiring direction. But without FBi Radio, we’d still be living in a dark age of shitty music, with the only options on Friday nights being to go to the Entertainment Centre to go watch either a washed up nostalgia act, or a Top 40 clone. FBi presents an alternative that collects all the greatest parts of music, art and culture, and provides a platform for these things to scream and thrash and enjoy themselves, to an appreciative audience.

One of their flagship programs is Telepath, a Monday night program broadcast from 8-9pm, which focuses on the weirder spectrum of Sydney and Australian music. Its history resides in Sydney blog Skydreams, which is one of the best places to discover all sorts of weird and wonderful music, especially if you’re the kind of person who loves themselves some New Weird Australia mixtapes.

Recently, Skydreams turned into a label/mixtape service, with the most recent offering being the kind of thing a mad scientists concocts in a cauldron. There is such a fantastic mix of songs in this mixtape, from Spoonty’s glitchy “Under”, to the brooding carnivore that is Video Ezy. There’s harrowing stuff from Velcro, and simply stunning songs from Option Command, Yoshiko and The Laurels’ Luke O’Farrell. Shit, there’s even some jungle tuneage with the brilliant name “Dear DJ Rashad” from a group called Sails.

One thing becomes apparent very quickly: that these mixtapes aren’t put together haphazardly. They are curated expertly, defying the kind of amateur thrown together aesthetic that so many mixtapes have. The songs convey the attitude of both Skydreams the blog, and Telepath the program, shining a spotlight on underground Australian music of the Holy Shit variety. If you can’t see yourself chucking on this playlist, collapsing into your bed, and your life becoming instantaneously better, then you’re lying to yourself.


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