New: The Infants – Ape

Fuaaaarrrrkkk, this is so good! ‘Ape’ is…it’s like Grinderman if they were fronted by Karen O!

However, the track is less like an actual ape, a bumbling, shit-throwing creature of the jungle, and more like one of those sophisticated, semi-dark bastards in the Planet of the Apes movie. Propelled by a moody bass line and sultry, ghostly ‘oooo’s’, The Infants have created a track that revolves around atmosphere with the vitality in which our Earth revolves around the Sun! And when it hits that creepy noise explosion, dynamic screams bounding across guitars with knives strapped across their chests, it becomes obvious thatThe Infants have really found their footing on this track. Whereas their previous EP showed promise, ‘Ape’ comes through with a grand pop gesture that’s in the process of being drowned in darkness.


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