New: Community Radio – Real Transformation/Puff of Smoke

We’re only halfway through the year, and already old mates Community Radio have put out a second 7″ for the year! Obviously, Community Radio are a bunch of legends, having naming themselves after possibly the greatest musical ally of good music, and they’re tunes aren’t half bad either. They take an old-school guitar pop stance in their jangly tunes, looking closer at the discography of The Clean and The Cannanes than any of the newer explosion of bands talking about their lack of motivation and shitty jobs.

That’s not all that separates Community Radio from the pack either. Their songs are a little more introspective and romantic, showing signs of seasoned lyricists and musicians. Their newest track ‘Real Transformation’ showcases this talent, almost to a fault it is so good. The track runs along a dainty keyboard hum and rattling guitar. It has the slow warmth, that glows itself into your skin.The B-Side is equally delightful, a playful nipper of a track entitled ‘Puff of Smoke’, that lazily winds itself into a harmonious psych-pop gem.

As the chorus to the lead track will attest, you will experience a real transformation, as you move into a world in which you know about, and adore Community Radio, both the amazing band and the platform for amazing bands alike.


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