Video: Blood Plastic – Hi Mom

As the missiles are let loose from the belly of a flying death machine, rolling drum beats and gluttonous reverb-drenched guitar wring out. That is both the sound of goth-tinged guitar rock perfection, and the sound of Blood Plastic’s new track ‘Hi Mom’. Although armed with a deceptively bright title, Blood Plastic are soaked in some sort of X-Files episode in which there’s a planet where everyone has depression all the time and can play their instruments really well.

The track meanders to a lot of places, with interstellar keys whistling out over sprawling guitars trying to fuck themselves into a weirder sound, but things are always brought back to a semi-tame place that sounds like Divine Fits drawing from the Cure. Breathless and intoxicating, ‘Hi Mom’, is just as deadly as getting hit by one of those missiles.


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