Video: SPOD – Last Dance

It’s 9:30, and there are still two assignments that need to be done. I’ve been caught with a dire case of couldn’t-give-a-fuck-itis, and so I continue to spiral down the well of self-pity and fucking myself over. And yet, I’m not even nearly matching the morose tone of the video for SPOD’s ‘Last Dance’. Coupled with a song that is already in the throes of being  a grown up aka body-wracking depression, the video takes the song to a new realm of sadness. When our favourite party man buries his head in his hands after dancing alone in his suit, that cracking sound you hear is the scream of a thousand hearts shattering. And when his fingers fall from the piano, you better believe that every single person watching is gathering some kind of receptacle to hold their cascading tears. Man, ain’t nothing sadder than a bummed out SPOD, except for a three minute audio-visual experience in which you become suspended in bummed out SPOD-ness. Bloody heart-wrenching, I tell ya.


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