New: The Frowning Clouds – Move It

Way down in Geelong, there exists a hub of bands that kick unbelievable amounts of ass. The Frowning Clouds are at the premier of that scene, and make rock and roll tunes so sticky you would’ve thought spilled a beer into the recording equipment. Listening to ‘Move It’, with its overwhelming sense of Thee Oh Sees-esque party vibes, you can’t help but want to move your head at a breakneck pace, your neck walloping along like a yo-yo snapping back and forth.

‘Move It’ manages to go through a shitload of phases,each one more jizz-inducing than the next. There’s a triumphant opening riff, that moves sleepy-eyed psych-tinged territory, before…holy shit, is that a kazoo? Whatever point you find yourself at, there’s the kind of wide-eyed wonder that can only be matched by watching Adventure Time on acid.


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