New: Andras & Oscar – Everytime I Go

Holy shit, this song is better than a Tinder date where the girl looks the same as her photos. Hearing this kind of melding of styles into one gorgeous song is rarer than winning a bout of Mario Kart when you’re in last place, there’s only 30 seconds left, and you haven’t got a blue shell in sight.

Shit, this song is the pinnacle of everything that we’ve been working towards as a species. Andras Fox AND Oscar Key Sung!? Together!? Working in collaboration to create one of the greatest songs to hit our ears this year!? I mean, what’s there more to say? ‘Everytime I Go’ is a collaboration in every sense of the word, splicing Andras Fox’s glitchy techno lounge with Oscar Key Sung’s heart-melting vocals, producing a sincerely beautiful cocoon of sound. Seriously, where is the human race meant to progress to after this? The song is a glass case of majestic perfection.


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