Album Review: Lowtide – Lowtide

The album artwork for Lowtide’s debut record is as sonically accurate as it is poignant. There’s an explosion going on obviously, a melding of human destruction with natural beauty, shrapnel flying everywhere. And it’s all captured in a moment of grace, where the blunt and catastrophic is slowed to a point of majesty and unreal beauty. I mean, if ever there was a perfect visual metaphor for Lowtide’s debut album, this would be it.

It’s been a long time coming for the debut LP from these guys, roughly three years. In that time, the members of Lowtide have matured and honed their songs into something that makes the heart melt faster than butter in a microwave. Their music is so pleasing, I would actually prefer to listen to Lowtide on repeat than have Bill Murray whisper sweet nothings into my ear. You read that right – I would rather listen to Lowtide crush my soul on ‘Blue Movie’ than have the star of Ghostbusters and Rushmore read me his secret poetry collection. I…I can’t even believe I’m typing that sort of sentence, and yet here we are.

What makes Lowtide catapult to such a stormy height of recognition is that their music is more soothing that being cradled in Siberian velvet. ‘Held’ does just as its title promises, glowing with gentle dream-pop riffs that cocoon the listener, bustling with hushed reverb energy. ‘Wedding Ring’ draws itself out into the kind of thing that would match up perfectly with the finale for a Zach Braff. And ‘Whale’ washes itself out with a salty scrub ascending-into-heaven guitar.

But really, I could go on and on about the aesthetic of the whole thing for years, and most people would probably just think I was talking about any old shoegaze release. Ya Ya, cool you ginger fuckwit, but I’m looking for a little excitement, ya hear? Well, that’s where Lowtide charge out in front of their superiors.. Like Sunbeam Sound Machine or Day Ravies, Lowtide just really excel at combining all their musical talents into passages of instrumentation that are impossible to drag yourself away from. The songs on this album, particularly ‘Whale’ and ‘Yesterday’ are packed with chasms that not even Thelma and Louise would dare to try and jump over. You, dear listener, are guaranteed to lose yourself, as looming guitars lap themselves, running a pacing race that whirs and hums like the motor n your favourite car. It becomes impossible to remember when these chunks of orgasmic sound began, or even if there is an end in sight, but you become so caught up in the moment, that the faintest idea of giving a shit evaporates.

The songs here are, put plainly, ultra-pleasant. They’re soft, but they also carry with them a weight which makes you prick your ears like you heard someone say ‘….there’s a new Christopher Nolan movie’. Lowtide manage to take the captivating charm of listening to My Bloody Valentine, and package it into something wholesomely charming, all whilst reeling with delight.

If it sounds like Lowtide have jus dropped one of the best albums of the year, its because that’s true. Lowtide made us wait a fair while, but thank Christ this album has been released. It is a beacon of genius. There is nothing more left to say other than go and buy this album.

Oh, what a coincidence, you can do that right here: 

AND MAKE SURE YOU GET DOWN TO THE ROLLER DEN THIS FRIDAY! Lowtide will be launching the record, with help from Miners, Shrapnel and Bachelor Pad. Fucking sick lineup alert!


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