Video: Bad//Dreems-My Only Friend

Ah, the tour footage video clip. Now, before you go and make a cumstain of yourself, this isn’t one of those bullshit, ‘Hey, check it out, we still actually go and play show, man so gr8full for all our fans, lol, what’s originality?’ film clips, that you might see from the likes of 30 Second to Mars, The Black Keys, and Foo Fighters. This is a compilation of actual fucking shows, man! Not some stadium gig in which the singer got blown afterwards by forty girls caked in liquid gold and diamonds. This is a showcase of the blood, sweat and guitar solos that Bad//Dreems, one of the most hard-working and talented ‘Strayan bands out there, have sludged through to get where they are today.

Filmed like a VHS greatest-hits tape, the ‘My Only Friend’ clip traipses through some fucking killer shows and times the band have had, from the Backyard Blitzkrieg and VICE Halloween parties of last year, to the show at Black Wire earlier this year. And that’s just the shows I’ve been to and recognise!  There’s a bunch of shots of long necks, shirts cracked open at the top, and AFL jerseys, because this is a Bad//Dreems video clip, and it would be sacriligious to have a video without these symbols appearing. But the fact remains that this is a bloody documentary on how one of Australia’s greatest bands of the now are actually as genuine and bloodthirsty as their songs make them out to be. Here’s to authenticity, boys! And fuck 30 Seconds to Mars!


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