New: Dumb Punts – Chiller

G’day mate. That’s how the debut single from Melbourne’s Dumb Punts starts out. Whether their name is in reference to a shitty kick that someone did, or a misspelt colloquialism for an absolute wanker, the fact is they can write a killer tune.

‘Chiller’ is fucking laid-back. So laid back, you’d think that the guitar lines were trying to do the limbo. The guitar solo is basically notes falling over themselves, like they’ve had one too many VB’s. And the vocals are scratchy Australian drawls if there ever were ones.

But the chorus. Fuck me! Now, that’s a bloody chorus! It just reverberates with an energy and bravado that comes from being kicked down one too many times. Like old mates Bad//Dreems, and even to an extent, Cosmic Psychos, Dumb Punts embrace the kind of mentality that says ‘Yeah, I’m fucked, I’ve fucked up, here’s a song for those who are just like me’. And they’ve hit it out of the fucking ball park.


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