New: Ausmuteants-Freedom of Information

Australia is becoming pretty well-known as the place to go for demented juvenile fuck-you’s that defy classification but need to be listened to nonetheless. Ausmuteants are in the thick of that description. Prolific bastards they are and their material always impresses. Not even a year on from their fan-fucking-tastic second record, they’ve already come back with a noisy track that features howls and guitar squalls that sound like an animal carcass caught between the gears of an important machine, and now the whole thing is fucked, and there’s smoke billowing, and now the thing is exploding.

Jesus Christ, the plugging riffs combined with the off-kilter yelps of “I only want to watch!” is why you gotta love Ausmuteants. Almost definitely about Internet porn, ‘Freedom of Information’ is a song that crawls with a carnivorous and inherent creepiness. This is the kind of that’ll have you blowing chunks out of sheer respect.


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