New: Yes, I’m Leaving-One

Post-Thursday hangovers have got me, and every other fun loving Sydney-sider, in a state of total trauma. Thankfully, there’s a cure for that, with the ear-splitting new track from Sydney’s best punk trio Yes, I’m Leaving. And I do mean, Sydney’s BEST PUNK ROCK TRIO! And I don’t mean cure, as if you’re hungover, this song will literally rip your head apart like Cthulu deciding he want to gorge himself on your brains.

‘One’ is just as loud, noisy and brilliant as any other Yes, I’m Leaving material that has come before it. The pearl of Yes, I’m Leaving’s music is their aggression, and it’s delivered here like Liam Neeson finding out his daughter has been kidnapped. Couple that with the whiplash staccato of the pounding drums and bass, and you’ve got a song that’ll tear your insides apart faster than an orgy of Chestbursters.


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