New: Beast & Flood-All Singing, All Dancing

If ever there were to be a band to take off were Les Savy Fav, Danananakroyd have left off, it would be Sydney’s Beast & Flood. By some enormous miracle, they’ve managed to tap into a realm of post-punk, where they can mine shifting time signatures, schizophrenic mood swings and balance between manic overblown guitar and delicate plucking.

Their new tune ‘All Singing, All Dancing’ is what I’d like to think would’ve happened to that niche area of alternative rock that And You Will Know… fit into nicely, if Pitchfork hadn’t gone and shot the expectations wildly high with that hyperbolic 10.0 review. After that people expected everything to be so goddamn precise and earnest that it didn’t make room for the heart-on-the-sleeve, blue collar-meets-good-guitar bands that Beast & Flood exemplify.

‘All Singing, All Dancing’ doesn’t sell its soul like all those bands of the 2004-2008 era did, it stands on its own as a furious tune that’s not quite furious, smart but not overbearing, and catchy without sacrificing anything. Just a solid fucking song, that’s all. Minus the Bear should take some notes from these guys and see if they can return to their ‘Menos el Oso’ days.


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