New: Miss Destiny-The One

Oh, Julia Roberts! Oh, Hugh Grant! I’ve always known that you were….The One!

That’s probably the kind of shit you’re thinking of when the words The One pop up. Either that, or your a Matrix fan (FUCKING NERD!). Fuck that, you should be thinking about this amazing tune from Melby’s Miss Destiny. It’s rougher than getting kicked out of a bikie bar, and there’s enough fuzz on here to strangle even the most experienced porn actor from the 1970’s. ‘The One’ is so fucking awesome because it has no aspects of trying to be cool, and yet it succeeds at the task harder than James Dean with his arm draped around Kim Gordon, wearing nothing but a leather jacket and chewing an unlit cigarette. That is what cool looks like, and ‘The One’ beats that. Fuck. Me.


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