Video: Weak Boys-Hangovers

About fucking time! Sydney anti-beatsmiths aka jangle poppers aka Matt Banham x Craig Lyons x Chris Yates aka Weak Boys, have just released their debut single ‘Hangovers’ through new label Strong Look Records. Weak Boys + Strong Look Records = a happy middle ground of average physicality.

The song is, simply put, fucking delightful, the perfect tune you’d want to listen to when reaching for an aspirin and glass of cold water on Sunday. It’s simple strumming and basic drumming, all at tongue-lolling, head-stuck-out-the-car-window pace. Oh, and there’s lyrics about how much harder it is to drink when you hit that mythical +20 age. Mixing beers with lemonade? At this glorious point of 18, that pretty much amounts to blasphemy. However, the song’s so goddamn happy-go-lucky, I’ll let the shandy manoeuvre slide. But seriously, if your head ain’t nodding by the 0.003 second mark, there’s something intrinsically wrong with you.

The video to this is also bloody top notch. It is literally a dramatisation of my Saturday night: ginger with a band t-shirt hits the champers in a park, loses all stability, dances like no one’s watching to same crazy-ass tune, followed by severe regret the following morning. When I say literally, I mean literally. Packets of Cheetohs don’t stand a chance when I’m a few beers in and the munchies start calling.



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