New: Bearhug-Borderlines

On their debut album, Bearhug channelled the shit out of Dinosuar Jr., coming up with broad, churning strokes of the feedback paintbrush. The product was a fine, if a little underwhelmed album with a few fantastic songs (‘Over the Hill’, ‘Angeline’, ‘Cinema West’, I’m looking at you)

They’ve just released the first single from their upcoming sophomore, and the Dinosaur Jr. influence has flipped to ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ era Mascis and co. There’s an element of hammering sadness as guitars clash with more guitars, creating something that would have Jim O’Rourke in tears. ‘Borderlines’ manages to be understated, and yet incredibly moving, and the fact that it’s purely instrumental only adds to the glamour of Bearhug’s capabilities as musicians.


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