New: SPOD-SPOD’s Last Dance

The day that Sydney legend SPOD stops partying is a day that I don’t want to be around to witness. Seriously, the guy is like the Einstein of partying. People did it before, sure, but SPOD added the element of not-giving-a-shit-amazingness. SPOD is the reincarnation of all three Beastie Boys battling it out for party supremacy inside the one body.

That’s why a ten year retroactive re-imagineing of SPOD’s debut ‘Taste the Radness’, entitled ‘Taste the Sadness’, comes with a salty lick of trepidation. Apparently, SPOD is an ‘adult’ now (the fuck does that mean?) and he’s thinking about life. Actually, good on him! I accept SPOD’s creative evolution, especially if there’s heartbreakers like this in that brain of his.

‘SPOD’s Last Dance’ works as a sequel to ‘Letz Dance!!!’. Whilst the ‘original’ was bounding with energy, Round 2 is like watching Jack from Titanic slip off the doorframe (that totally could have fit him) on repeat for eternity. It’s shattering to think that the guy who invented entertainment in Sydney is dripping lyrics like, “It’s the last time to get our dance on, as the sun grows long, and I’m singing my song…it won’t be long before I’m gone”, whilst strings and tearstained piano leads us to our inevitable breakdown. God bless you SPOD, in all your forms, both the rager and the muse.


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