New: Snowy Nasdaq-Lopsided Smile

First things first, Snowy Nasdaq has the best goddamn album artwork in Australia. He’s also one of the hardest working guys, working in numerous bands like Mining Boom, Ciggie Witch, The Ocean Party, Pencil, and Jack Lee’s backing band, amongst about a million others. Deal with it.

Besides providing sick beatz for those other bands, Snowy mucks around with his solo project, which is pure, unadulterated pop music for your ears to orgasm to. He’s taken up a pretty goddamn ambitious project of releasing a new single every month for a whole year. The past six months have seen some glorious tunes, but this new one is probably my most thumbs-up worthy (insert Facebook like symbol here).

‘Lopsided Smile’ is the kind of tune that Duran Duran would’ve made if they moved to Berlin, and Giorgio Morodor showered them with coke. Smothered with plenty of those weird synth sounds that only Snowy can make, the man’s sounding pretty damn glorious on this one.


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