New: Liam Kenny-Avalanche

Nothing can prepare you for this. Nothing. You could’ve just done battle with a robot Elton John whilst Rob Zombie cooked falafels to sell to a drunk John Malkovich who won’t stop calling his ex-girlfriends. You could have just come from that scenario, and yet you’ll still be floored by this song.

‘Avalanche’ if the debut single from Liam Kenny, who’s a member in a shitload of great bands: Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins, Roamin’ Catholics, Silly Joel & the Candymen and The Friendsters. You might be noticing that that’s a wide variety of genres, from guitar pop to screaming punk and even hip-hop. Well, that’s because Kenny is a man of diverse tastes. You can’t nail him down and pigeonhole him.

Which is why ‘Avalanche’ lurching, disturbing, paranoid feel comes as no surprise. Originally a Leonard Cohen song (yes, you read that right) Kenny has turned it into a screeching banshee cry of electronic music, something so harsh and undulating that the brown note gets hit at least three times in the space of its hypnotising six minutes. Featuring Dick Diver/The UV Race’s Al Montfort on sax, and Zond’s Justin Fuller, Kenny surrounds himself with the best possible company to create one of the most weathering pieces of music this side of Cthulhu bellowing in your ear.

The full covers album, ‘A Kenny For Your Thoughts’ comes out soon on it Records!


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