New: Drowning Fleets-Schmeckt Wie Müll

Unfortunately, I missed out on the debut live show of a new Sydney project called Drowning Fleets. Even more of a bummer was that it was at a Disgusting People/ Mope City show. Ultra heavy days, man.

However, there is the chance to check out what I missed, and furiously bang my head against the wall in regret, through the debut single ‘Schmeckt Wie Müll’. The track is like if Massive Attack took that drug from the new Judge Dredd movie, where everything slows down to a millionth of second. THEN when everything is fucked, the song gets loaded on snare pingers, and goes mental in a silent disco of morbid synths in a post-battlefield in France. Drowning Fleets is both depressing and alluring, and if it stays that way, then I can’t wait to buy the 12″.


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