Video: Dorsal Fins-Monday Tuesday

Once a year, every year, there will be that one pop song. That one pop song that is so good that everyone, regardless of genre persuasion, gets around it with the utmost enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter if your more hipster than a limited edition pop-up book of Animal Farm, or if your more punk rock than an orgy between GG Allin, Pink Eye and Bill Stevenson, this pop song will find its infectious way into your heart. Last year had The Preatures’ ‘Is This How You Feel?’ and 2014’s edition comes through Dorsal Fins’ ‘Monday Tuesday’.

There have already been some amazing pop tunes this year, from White Hex’s ‘Paradise’, to Blank Realm’s ‘Falling Down the Stairs’, to Richard In Your Mind’s ‘Hammered’. But Dorsal Fins’ track is more rabidly exciting than watching a Game of Thrones episode before anyone else. Dripping with electric, neon glamour and the kind of simple but brilliant lyrics that all the best songs have. There’s a throwback element here as well that harks to the likes of Eurythmics, Duran Duran and Olivia Newton John, only updated with the kind of ADHD zaps that the 21st Century demands.

In spirit of the whole retro outing meeting delirious effects vibe that ‘Monday Tuesday’ contains, the video is 80’s Saturday morning cartoons that have been fed through a microwave that took a couple hits of acid. The dazzling colours fit right in with the tropical electricity of ‘Monday Tuesday’ better than Rolf Harris fits into a life sentence (Wishful thinking).

But in all seriousness, this song is the best pop song of 2014. Do whatever you have to do to get your hands on it. Whatever. You. Have. To. Do.


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