Holy Shit, Look At These Music Videos: Death From Above 1979 + Interpol + Die! Die! Die!

The title pretty much says it all: holy shit, look at these music videos! New songs from some of the most important bands of the 10 years, who haven’t released material in ages! Get amongst it!

Death Above 1979-Trainwreck 1979

Remember Death Above 1979? Songs like ‘Romantic Nights’ and ‘Little Girl’ that soundtracked all those dance-punk nights you had in 2002?  Of course you do! And as much as you don’t like to admit it, you listened to Does It Offend You, Yeah? and The Rapture just as much as everyone else.

Death Above 1979 was part of the same scene, but they always had more crunch and electricity to them than their contemporaries. They also cut the chord way earlier than other bands, leaving everyone in the lurch after just one album. However, a recent reformation has seen the band getting pumped up enough to make some new material, hence ‘Trainwreck 1979’. They show their punk tendencies strongly on this, both with the badge/denim jacket combo music video and their crashing, smashing DZ Deathray-esque mosh-ready track. Yeww, they’re back!

Interpol-All the Rage Back Home

Interpol exploded at pretty much the exact same time as Death Above…and they continued in the same vein of amazing for a fair while as well. But after three albums, they ran pretty dry on ideas, and their 2010 self-titled resembled a parody of themselves.

However, it seems that time away has done wonders for their sound. This new song is what made Interpol so attractive in the first place. Shrill guitars creating indie rock that forcibly pulls you into Paul Banks’ weathered lyrics. Add that black and white video, and nonsensical big wave surfing video, and you’ve got Interpol at their art-house best.

Die! Die! Die!-Crystal

A little while back, New Zealand’s best band (Yes, I’m aware that The Clean exist, but Die! Die! Die! still take the prize) released this brain-incinerating track called ‘Crystal’, which was just as noisy and pounding as all the best tracks this band has created. Then they’ve gone and done a video for it, basically frontman Andrew Wilson slumped on a bar counter drinking a beer. I think the point is more the out of focus crowds crossfaded over the image of Wilson singing about rough seas, probably symbolising life passing by, or the relatively of mortality or something. I’m not an English student or anything, I’m just stoked Die! Die! Die! are back with such a good tune that I can throw my head back and forth to.


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