Video: Thigh Master-Head of the Witch

I always thought witches were the lamest of mythical creatures. Like, the two incarnations you have are as a bitter old lady that had a wart on her nose, and wanted to turn people into frogs (aka the lamest of amphibians), or Hermione Granger, the lamest character in Harry Potter. When comparing witches to beasts like a minotaur or a cyclops, they pale in comparison, and their overt lameness shows.

Thigh Master’s new clip has made me change my views.The band runs around a patchwork galaxy full of humping dinosaurs, citadels and evergreens, whilst a witch gets hellbent on cursing innocent ol’ Thigh Master. Fear is struck into every pore of my body. Sweat cascades from my forehead. Anxiety doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

Luckily, there’s this badass garage mourner occurring in the peripherals. ‘Head of the Witch’ is a slacker tune that’s upheld with stringy vocals that sound like they’re been bubbling in a cauldron for a fair while, and wretched, cursed guitar. Even though Thigh Master end up with their heads getting voodoo’d on a beach whilst a knight on a dragon attacks a T-Rex in the background (yes, this is how the video ends), there’s going to be this tune to carry on the Thigh Master legacy.


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