Video: Primitive Calculators-Dead/Why

Primitive Calculators don’t do things in half-measures. That’s why when Australia’s oldest (and top) punk bands dropped their debut studio album late last year, it was the equivalent of being trampled upon by a synth punk element. If Henry Rollins was a robot, and beat you up, the sounds of his fists pummeling your face would equate into the album that was ‘The World Is Fucked’.

Which is why it makes sense that Prim Calcs wouldn’t just release one video, but two! The first is ‘Dead’, a song that cranks itself into a corner, before Stuart Grant just completely lashes out and destroys all in his path with a razing, violent finale. The video is similar in concept, blood-red lights illuminating a stage that allows the demonic elements of the track to be accentuated beyond belief. And in staying true to its original composition, the tumultuous flurry of fucked up images creates the perfect canvas for the band to paint that gorge-filled finale of feedback and noise.

The second video is for the track ‘Why’. It starts out as a thumping, calloused creature, sliming its way under a bass line and brief spats of noise. The video contains the band just sort of hanging out under a bridge. Video-wise, whatever, but song-wise, it’s a goddamn punch in the stomach.




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