Video: Donny Benet-Don’t Leave Me Stranded

You know what everyone’s lives have been missing? Donny Benet in animated form. So some legend decided to do what we’ve all been thinking, and put Sydney’s 80’s reincarnation through the pixel treatment, and the emerging video is goddamn glorious in every sense of the word.

There is just so much right with this clip, from the fax machines, to the chest hair and corvettes, to the fruit innuendo. Banana and tomato…I know what you’re talking about you sly minx!

But seriously, this pink cartoonish take on Donny is what the world needed, and if you don’t think so, then you’ve obviously a cold, calculating soul without the ability to love.

Donny’s playing the Lansdowne every Saturday in July. Catch him on the 12th, the 19th and the 26th!



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