Album Review: Oily Boys-Majesty EP

It’s been a fair while coming, but you’d still have to be braindead to not be stoked for the debut EP from Sydney hardcore heroes Oily Boys. Though only 10 minutes in total, this ‘Majesty EP’ is the equivalent of mowing off your own head with a chainsaw. It is more brutally beautiful than anything that has been created in the past 20 years. All 5 songs on here are ruthless, more vicious and bloodthirsty than a vampire-tainted Minor Threat.

Oily Boys don’t care about survivors…they will raze everything within earshot to the ground. Shit, if it came down to a fight between Satan and Oily Boys, Satan would run for the hills, bitching about how he feels like Mumford & Suns. And that’s just after listening to ‘Rabbit’s Foot’! In one sitting, the ‘Majesty EP’ will have a disembowelling effect-your anus will involuntarily shit with amazement until you reach a point that you need to refuel, or die. And if you choose to refuel and continue listening, the shitfest will begin its wrath again.

Overall, if you created a human centipede from Napalm Death, Narrow Lands and The Wipers, and injected the resulting fecal matter with a love of George Romero gore and unhinged, violent hardcore, you’d get the brain-splatteringly amazing ‘Majesty EP’. Fuck me, Oily Boys are the best. Let’s just hope they don’t go the way of Gutter Gods and disintegrate under the release of a mind-crushing album.


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