New: Richard In Your Mind-Hammered

YEWWW! Richard In Your Mind have a new bloody track, and it absolutely rules! It’s like amazing fun times have been turned into a formula, and then these guys went and got really drunk on it in the middle of a park in Lewisham.  Because really, what’s better than getting hammered with your baby in the daytime, whilst music that the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland would undoubtedly love plays in the background?

This is just a fun ditty, and no other words need describe it. It’s classic psych-pop, a slice of The Flaming Lips before they went and took a bit too much acid. Richard In Your Mind know when to call it quits on the tabs (approx 2 and 1/3 squares for each member) and that’s why they can make the perfect sticky, gooey track to soundtrack your afternoon in the field dressed in a Pikachu onesie.

Experience this in the flesh this Friday, when Richard In Your Mind + SPOD + Reckless Vagina rule The Lansdowne. FREE!


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