Video(s): Tijuana Panthers + Low Fat Getting High + Weird Womb

Let your eyes go square with a bunch of new videos:

Tijuana Panthers-Cherry Street

Very cool garage rock from these guys, which is to be expected when you’re name-checking both the drug capital of Mexico and Penrith’s favourite NRL team in one fell swoop of a band name. The video for their latest single is damn delicious as some NCIS kinda shit goes down over donut death.

Low Fat Getting High-Police Cop

Without the sound on this video, it just looks like a couple nervous, bored teenagers that are being forced to do karoake. But with the added element of audio, it’s a vicious punk thing that’s like Fugazi and Minor Threat combined in a McKaye orgy, and got a youthful facelift. There’s also some weird acid flashback cartoons that include a hot dog and a cupcake hanging out. So, there’s that.

Weird Womb-Tanned Tits

At the beginning of this clip, there’s a sound that is either a guy having a great time, or a cat having its spleen ripped out. Turns out it’s a guy having a good time on top of a girl having a really shit time. That all changes when Weird Womb’s new single ‘Tanned Tits’ gets involved-she takes total control of the situation and turns Mr. Selfish Lover into a bitch. Fucking hilarious, and an even better head rush of a tune to accompany it.



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