Video: Liam Finn-Burn Up the Road

I swear to God, this is the greatest video clip that has been released all fucking year. No, this thing is the best audio-visual piece of entertainment to have landed on Planet fucking Earth this year. Whatever pact Liam Finn made with Satan to produce a clip this amazing was probably worth it.

Firstly, the song is amazing. ‘Burn Up the Road’ matches pop hooks akin to The Saints and Radio Birdman with a delectable, crunchy guitar line that is the equivalent of finding a needle of honeycomb in the middle of a haystack made of crack.

But not only is this track a winding delicacy with the most memorable riff since ‘Stoned & Starving’, it has a clip that’s going to forcibly burn itself into your retinas. It’s basically Tron, but instead of Jeff Bridges looking confused, you’ve got a bulked up ‘n’ bearded Liam Finn versing off against an angsty Kirin J Callinan who looks a bit too much like Peter Sellers (that’s a good thing). The clip is a cartoonish rivalry filled with shitty graphics, greed and life-threatening motorbike battles. Seriously, what are you doing still reading this?


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