Top 10 Upcoming Australian Albums to Get Excited About

There’s a shit tonne of albums coming out real soon, and if you were a fraction as excited as I am, then you’d have already cum sevenfold already. These albums, either from first singles or the jaw-dropping stunners that the bands have provided in their previous work, has made the second half of the year something to severely look forward to with slobbering jowls and dangerous lust.

10. Twerps-?

Look, there hasn’t been anything announced yet, but there was a sneaky little video released last year of Marty fucking around in the studio. With that in mind, a new Twerps record is surely around the corner! And after their previous material made my romantic problems seem relatable and universable, as well as the sheer catchiness of tracks like ‘Work It Out’, ‘He’s In Stock’ and ‘Through the Day’, a new Twerps LP would be the perfect thing to round out 2014 with.

9. Jonathan Boulet-Gubba

It’s been a while since Jonathan Boulet was on the scene, and since he’s been gone, I’ve 1) graduated high school, 2) grown hair under my armpits and 3) He has gone from Modular to local heroes Popfrenzy. He’s also shifted his sound massively, going from his usual indie rock to overblown guitar fuzz, and ramped up the intensity tenfold. It’s like hanging out with Phil Spector in the Ramones period, and having reverb bullets shot into your face. Can’t wait to hear whatever this LP sounds like

8. Lower Plenty-Life/Thrills

Lower Plenty melted hearts with their debut album ‘Hard Rubbish’, and they plan to do it again with an upcoming sophomore record. A little like Kitchen’s Floor mixed with Dick Diver, their latest single ‘On The Beach’ is a total tear engager. If Lower Plenty can maintain this kind of handsome, sincere poetic majesty, then I’ll gladly sell my kidneys for a copy of their new record

7. Constant Mongrel-CMDCM

I fucking love Constant Mongrel, and I’m stoked that they’re churning out new albums like they reckon they’re The Who or something. Only, they’re way more dangerous and exhilirating to listen to. Honestly, this new track ‘New Shapes’ is like falling down an endless hole and doing a guitar battle with Satan at the same time. Those fucked up, shcizophrenic movements happening at the end of the track make me weep for more music like this. Bring on the new record!

6. Drunk Mums-?

With a follow up to their smash hit (sic) debut album that had boobs on the front (!) Melbourne’s finest purveyors of Sharpie culture, Drunk Mums, are gearing up to release a ball-stomper of a new record. Will it be good? You can bet the bottom half of your mullet it will be!

5. Total Control-Typical System

The new (!) Total Control (!) LP (!) is coming out in a few days, which is probably the best news I’ve heard since I found out I don’t have herpes (Ladies…?) They’ve released two absolutely amazing singles from the album so far, which is making it look like Total Control are going in a more David Bowie-with-a-Rottweiller-gnawing-his-leg-off kind of direction. Seems like a natural progression to me.

4. Step-Panther-Strange But Nice

Step-Panther, Wollongong’s holiest shredders and greatest musical export, are going to release a sophomore album to compliment the mind-explosion that was their self-titled debut. The first single is ‘Nowhere’ an absolutely huge BANGA that is going to replace every Flo Rida track that exists. Prepare for this song, and the rest of the album to infiltrate all your clubs!

3. Bloods-?

Bloods haven’t given a name or a release date to their upcoming debut record, but the first single to be released, ‘Want It’ showcases the kind of amazing, balls-to-the-wall garage punk excellence that we’ve come to expect from the Sydney trio. If this song doesn’t make you want to party until you throw up, and then continue partying, then you are truly insane. Undoubtedly, the album will have the exact same effect.

2. Seekae-The Worry

Seekae have been gone for so, so long. Their last album, ‘+Dome’ was completed in 2011! And since then, their amazing frontman Alex Cameron has completed and released his own solo record. From the first two singles that have come off the to-be-released third work of art, we can expect a lot more vocal duties, as well as soothing, soul crushing electronica and palettes of sound more beautiful than the ending of any Disney movie.

1. Palms-?

Look, I don’t even know if Palms have finished their follow-up to last year’s ‘Step Brothers’. Shit, they haven’t even released a single from it yet! BUT! They have thrown around a few new tunes live, including the chorus-heavy ‘Rainbow Road’, which, even though no one knows the words, has had heads banging and bodies colliding with each other in pure and total orgasm. Last year’s album was so absolutely, completely fantastic, it’s damn near impossible to believe that this new record won’t be one of the best records of this year.


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