New: Dick Diver-New Name Blues 7″


I really gotta give it to my mate Nick here, he is ahead of the game when it comes to amazing new releases. Otherwise this beautiful new 7″ from bonafide Australian legends Dick Diver might have slipped right past me.

Just two songs long might seem short, but when you’re as experienced in the ways of the Dick Diver, two songs is more than enough to quench your thirst. The first track, ‘New Name Blues’ is a heart-wrencher, the kind of song about just being another face in the crowd, that ironically stands right out for being so fantastic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not listen to this song, it’s sincerely beautiful and truthful in every component. If this were an HSC exam, Dick Diver would score 100%, which is technically impossible. What I’m trying to say here is that Dick Diver have beaten logic on this new song, and it doesn’t even surprise me.

The second song on here is entitled ‘Lonely Life’. It’s a deceivingly joyful tune that brings your spirit up even though Al Montfort’s is so low. Kinda like sister band Twerps’ ‘Work It Out’, it takes the most yearning and gorgeous aspects of music, adds on some stunning vocal interplay between Steph Hughes and Al, and then trickles this piano on there that WILL make your eyes shed tears harder than that time Iron Man ‘died’ in the Avengers.

Goddamn, these songs are so unbelievably beautiful, I can’t get over it. Buy yourself a copy of this 7″, then buy all of Dick Divers’ previous material, and then wallow in the depression that you’ll never make songs as good as these ones.


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