New: Los Tones-Ordinary Man

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an ordinary man. Actually, that’s completely untrue. I’m so ordinary, I’m unordinary. I’m so ordinary, I eat toast for dinner. I’m so ordinary, I got a Masters Degree in Business. I’m so ordinary, my favourite band is The Eagles. And as for the man part, WELL, I’m only a man in the legal sense of the word.

But Los Tones’ newest track is a belter of old school rock n roll. It’s a rabid piece of non-fiction, with tight, 60’s regaling guitars twirling around a nasal voice that echoes the efforts of similar bands like The Frowning Clouds. And there’s a pretty cool little guitar solo chucked on the end there to make sure you’re boogie woogieng downtown with knees more criss-crossed than the eyes of Steve Buscemi.


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