Album Review: Jordan Thompson-Bound to Lose EP

a3434953162_10The whole cover of Jordan Thompson’s debut EP looks pretty unassuming. Blonde dude in a traditional Melbourne outfit, chilling out the front of some local architecture. There’s no dragons spitting fire on naked goddesses, and Mackelmore’s smug expression is nowhere to be seen. So, how the fuck does JT think he’s gonna sell records? Does he think he’s better than dragons and Mackelmore? Huh? HUH!?

Well, I dunno about dragons, but JT’s EP is miles in front of whatever outrageously racist costume Mackelmore picked up from a thrift shop. The EP is equivalent to a breezy arvo with friends, the kind of thing you bring up when you’re thinking of the best times of your life on your deathbed. Jordan Thompsan manages to be leisurely, but he’s still got tenfold the presence of Jack Johnson or, God forbid, John Mayer.

For example, there’s the song ‘Bound to Lose’, which is far and away one of the better singles to have been released this year. I’ve only had this EP for two days max, but ‘Bound to Lose’ has racked up an impressive 15 listens, plus the countless times I pressed play on Bandcamp. To put that into perspective, I’ve listened to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ 54 times, and that was basically the only thing I listened to from the ages 13-15, and I can say that without hyperbole.

What makes this single so amazing? When you’ve got acoustic guitar strumming that you’d find at the back of the pub, combined with what sounds like an organ that’s been dragged from the Yarra River, and lyrics like, ‘Man he really looks like hell/I think he’s losing to his wounds’, that’s when you know you’ve won the lottery. If Jeff Magnum was cooler, he’d probably have come up with something like this.

‘Bound to Lose’ isn’t the only gem on this EP, with ‘Nobody Will Ever Know’ is a sighing pop ditty that sounds like Wolf Parade if they were floating down a canal in Venice. And ‘You Used to Say’ is a sweet barbershop quartet piece covered in intimacy, and a million times less annoying.

The ‘Bound to Lose’ EP is perfect, in that it doesn’t stay to long, or go to an unwanted place. Jordan Thompson is happy to do what he knows, and he does it really fucking well. How this EP is available for free is a gobsmacking twist of awesome, so get it before JT is headlining Lollapalooza, and I become this guy:


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