Video: Dungeon Posse-Abort Abbott

It’s been quite a while since there’s been a decent punk song about politicians. Dungeon Posse changed that about a week ago when they released this track called ‘Abort Abbott’, which is a screaming, vile atrocity that aims to completely fuck with Abbot’s shit. The passion and fury that goes behind ‘We hate ya!’ is the audible equivalent of a chainsaw going through the necks of everyone that voted in Abbott.

‘Abort Abbott’ is brilliantly brutal, and the video is equal. It shows a smorgasbord of black and white fear, cut and pasted across images of the Australian Dream getting ripped out page by page. There’s also old mate’s face getting burnt to a cinder, and Drunk Mum’s Adam Ritchie there at the end screaming ‘We fucking hate ya!. Video of the year?


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