Prom Body-Pretty Flower

Look, we get it. You need the perfect body to fit into your prom dress. Shut the fuck up. I got real problems to deal with, namely, finding the right amount of fuzz to kill a large beast, and fulfill my unearthly desires.

Luckily, Prom Body look to achieve that goal for me, with this fucking killer single ‘Pretty Flower’. It’s an onslaught of fuzz and shreddery, a purpose built riff machine. If the best pop tunes of Vivian Girls, Wavves and Japandroids were rolled into a single fuzz ball, and then pushed down a hill, it would hopefully snowball into the furious little number that this has turned out the be. Absolutely, 100% killer track, something that will electrify your pubes and send shockwaves down your groin.


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