New: TOOMS-Simple Tactics EP

Goddamn, this EP is what made me fall in love with electronic music! Soft, almost untouchable shit that floats away. Akin to artists Oisima, Nakagin and Electric Sea Spider, TOOMS makes out to be the equivalent of that little speck that always hangs out on the edge of your eye, and when you try to get a closer look, it fucks off until your head is a twisted mess.

The music on the ‘Simple Tactics’ EP is decieving, because the initial impression is that there’s little to nothing there. But every song contains dense textures that spread over the track with the some propensity for a gas leak in a cupboard. You’ll become choked with the muted and understated beauty that TOOMS creates. The song ‘Pray’ especially gets to me, and as it swells, the lump in my throat swells with it. Sincere, delicate and genuinely sensational, the ‘Simple Tactics’ EP is the kind of thing only one artist per year can deliver.


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