New Ruthless Tunes: Sour Cream + Lords on Boards + Dead Waves + Pretend Eye + Salvador Dali Llama

Sunday night, but it’s the long weekend. Cheers for being born Queen Elizabeth, so we could dedicate one extra day to gettin’ fucked up. Here’s a bunch of ruthless tunes to get you in the mindframe:

Sour Cream-Full Crab

I’ve never eaten crab, but if it’s as loose as that bastard on the front of Sour Cream’s EP, then I’ll pass. There’s way too much hardcore tomfoolery for my tastes. But Sour Cream (the band) strike just the right amount of looseness and renegade oblivion. Made up from a couple members of Zeahorse (yeah, this Zeahorse) Sour Cream make it their absolute mission to channel all your ambition into absolute mind annihilation. If you’re head isn’t ruined by the time the songs on ‘Full Crab’ are done, you haven’t been totally listening. Like all the great stoner lords before them, from Sleep to Eyehategod, Sour Cream makes music that dulls your senses and plods right into the pleasure cortex.

Lords on Boards-What the Heck EP

Lords on Boards are a garage/surf group who sound a lot like most garage/surf groups: really fucking fun. The riffs come hard and fast, and slime around inside your brain like dishwasher liquid inside the machine. Listening to their songs is like swallowing butane and dropping a match down your stomach, lighting your whole body on fire.

Their new EP is just two songs long, namely ‘Mess It Up’ and ‘Seen, But No Reply’. They’re both fun, nasally tracks that scream bratty punk stuff at it’s finest, i.e Bleeding Knees Club, Bachelor Pad, Doom Mountain etc. They don’t enthral with a force, but they’re still ditties to bang your head along to.

Bat Hazzard-The Water, The Water

If Adalita was stuck in a desert for 4 months with minimal access to food and water, this is probably the thing she’d make when she came back to society. Weird, spaced-out and tricky indie rock stuff that’s as parched and starved as the corpse of an extra on the set of the new Star Wars movie. The songs of ‘The Water, The Water’ jilt and run around on a thin vein of disturbed and worrying melodrama, like the overly-theatric kid from school picked up a gun and a guitar at the same time, and decided to use them both. It’s hard to make out just what’s happening in a Bat Hazzard song, but really, that’s part of what makes it a compelling listen.

Dead Waves-Oracles of the Grave

Fuck me, these guys couldn’t sound more like they liked Black Sabbath if they tried. Intense, black, drivelling bass lines, spewing vocals that give Killing Joke throat wrenchers a run for their money, and anguished guitar riffs lambasting the thing one note at a time. ‘Oracles of the Grave’ is a song for those who are still waiting for this generation’s token ‘Heavy Act’. Well, Dead Waves may fulfil that role, and this track sure makes a good case for it.

Pretend Eye-Deathbed

Pretend Ey features members of Food Court, who are also fucking rad. But Pretend Eye move away from the more garage rock stylings of their assoc. band, and are more QOTSA straight-forward and centric. ‘Deathbed’ is a rock tune through and through, with clean, crisp edges that mould into a dark circus, channeling the vibes of witchcraft for some fucked up shenanigans.

Salvador Dali Llama-A Trip in SDL

Finally, there is Salvador Dali Llama, who have the best Celebrity Pun Name since Rick Moranis Overdrive. However, unlike those punk heroes from south of the border, SDL offer up a trippy palette of tunes that is akin to strolling down a tropical rainbow forest. Basically, it’s like being surrounded by marshmallow guitars and soft, fluffy pink riffs for days on end. Sound amazing yet? Get amongst it, these dudes are fucking rad, and whatever vat of acid they’ve dipped their tunes into has made them into a bunch of superstars in my book.


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