Video: Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun-Aokigahara

A few weeks back, I ended up at the house of Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun. A friend of a friend, who’s cousin’s transvestite lover, who had a jailmate that heard through the grapevine of Brangelina’s adopted child walker, that these dudes were having a party, and a bunch of cool bands were playing. So I rocked up and had my mind blown as five fully grown men proceeded to act like they were having way too much fun. They twisted and twirled in their Hawaiian shorts, locking beards and minds with their deranged surf rock.

The newest track of theirs is called ‘Aokigahara’ which means something, I’m sure. The track is the usual brand of meth-infused Beach Boys, wherein they sold their mals for more smack, but kept their instruments to tell the tale. It’s not fucked up enough to mirror The Cramps, but it’s on its way. Besides, if they were The Cramps, there’s no way they would have been able to make this video. Doc Holliday embrace their inner children by literally transplanting their obviously over 18 heads onto the bodies of children. That’s not even the most fucked up thing about it.

From here on in, there’s a Inception tale unfolding, as the man-kids play themselves in a race to the death. Pothead versus guy who’s way too classy to be in a drag race versus Asian stereotypes versus cocky beard versus actual evil dickhead lead singer, who’s parents bought him an awesome car. Thanks Mum and Dad!

The rest of the video and track devolve into more Satanic guitar ramblings that impress. There’s fire, a ghoulish forest and a lot of death, set to something from a Tarantino movie. Enough said.


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