New: Laura Jean + The Broken Needles + Mope City

It’s Saturday night, or lonely night as everyone more aptly describes it. You’ve got a box of tissues to your right, a bunch of movies about beautiful people dealing with petty problems to your right, and a long night of tears ahead of you. But hey, look on the brightside, you have all of Sunday to consider the lie you’ll tell your co-workers on Monday. “Nah, went to this awesome punk show, the Hard-Ons made a special appearance, and GG Allin rose from the grave”.

But in the meantime, here are some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear, ever:

Laura Jean-First Love Song

As soon as Laura Jean’s voice crackled over my shitty computer speakers, I knew that there was a gem of a voice there. She’s similar to Jimmy Tait and Ela Stiles, but with more of a obvious heartbreak. Now, whilst that might seem standard practice in slow moving, semi-folk tunes, but Laura Jean takes it to a completely new organ-shattering, salty-eye water stained high. ‘First Love Song’ is five minutes of impeccably soft guitar, and emotion-racking poetry that even Shakespearean soliloquies would turn around and tremblingly complain about some dust in their eye. The chorus of this song is something that not even the death of a dog in a movie could compete with. Game over man, Laura Jean has won.

The Broken Needles-Bound to Fade

The opening vocals on this track, combined with the overtly strummed guitars, instantly made me think that Nick Cave had teamed up with Kylie Minoque for another ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’. The swelling strings helped out as well. Deep baritones and love-torn lyrics make this track something to fall madly in love with (oh, the irony). It peaks and rips your heart out multiple times, just as it’s narrators experienced.

Mope City-(They) Can’t Unglue You From Me

This one’s slightly louder, and by that, I mean it has a guitar solo. But none of that Slash shit, just some clinking notes rebounding over the reverb. So, classic Aussie guitar-pop really. Unlike the previous two entries, this song takes on a bit more of a cute stalker vibe, harmless watching through the windows etc. Of course, it could be a totally sincere love ballad, about how close a couple are, and the impossibility of their relationship ever ending. Totally plausible, and kinda great. But something about the line ‘Coming to me was the right move/Don’t trust anyone other than me’ gives me the ‘put the lotion in the basket’ vibes. Speaking of, can someone with videographer skills put this track over that scene, and put it on repeat for 10 hours?


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