New Electronica Music: Jensen Interceptor + Seekae + Milwaukee Banks + Fat Ronaldo

Doof doof…

Jensen Interceptor-System Addict

System Addict is an EP’s worth of material that sounds like the Devil got himself some decks. The title track is some seriously twisted shit that curves around a simmering boil of synthetic stabs into a looming corpse of a vocal. It’s the kind of thing you’d want to listen to at 2am exactly when the drugs kick in. SInister, wicked and overtly in your face, Jensen Interceptor makes the kind of music that you wouldn’t show your Mum, but would listen to non-stop. After hearing this EP, all I want to do is go to a club. I have never uttered that sentence before now.

Seekae-Test & Recognise

Seekae sure have shifted direction since their last release. Whilst their previous albums stunned with their transcendent but mostly similar glitch-ridden electronica, Seekae are warbling between two different paths on their upcoming third record. There was the heart-shredder ‘Another’, and they’ve followed it up with a new one called ‘Test & Recognise’. This track is like having a sunset stroll with the guys from Tron, glacial synths zooming horizontally by as Alex Cameron’s voice unveils itself.

Milwaukee Banks-Sweater Made of Gold

‘Sweater Made of Gold’ is like if MF Doom teamed up with an angel with a velvet voice, and they made a Riff-Raff song. The lyrics are semi-ridiculous/all about love, and comes off like Melbourne’s answer to FISHING. However, it’s the production that stands out here, these big, clipping beats crawling beneath these shrill, quaking synths. Good shit here, good shit.

Fat Ronaldo-Goldeneye

The last couple days have been very, very good to the Soundcloud community, as a brand new Sydney entity (who also happens to be behind the amazeballs No Good Festival happening tomorrow feat. Rainbow Chan!) has been releasing a shit tonne of new and amazing tracks. My personal favourite of Fat Ronaldo aka the smiling, portly dude coloured like The Hulk with a tan, is ‘Goldeneye’ a paranoid…nay, schizophrenic electronic track that sits on constant edge whilst a single  sci-fi note (The X-Files?) pierces the underbelly of the track. It’s fucked up in al the right ways, and seems like a soundtrack to a hellish nightmare taking place inside the head of an ex-KGB agent. Fuckin’ PTSD amirite?


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